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EJ Education started as a small family farm and has grown into much more! We are proud to serve our community by offering a unique, individualized approach to teaching and education. In our program, your child will receive the benefits of our 32 years of teaching experience with an approach that combines the best of public, private and homeschool.

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Program Offerings


We are currently at maximum enrollment for our

Hybrid Homeschool at EJ Farm and Education.

If you would like to be put on a waiting list, please

let us know and we will contact you when a spot is available.

We are still available for other educational services

including tutoring and consulting.

Thank you to our wonderful community, friends

and family for all of the support!

Hybrid Homeschool (for grades K-8) - Our one of a kind, non-profit, hybrid homeschool combines the best of homeschooling, private education, public school, remote and project-based learning! We provide 4 days of standards based, online teacher guided academic work (covering all state required subjects) plus one PBL (project-based learning) day.

We utilize Google Classroom for delivering our engaging curriculum that is standards based, organized by day, and designed to be challenging, as well as developmentally appropriate. This content is available on-demand and can be done on any schedule.

As part of this program, we also offer a daily Google Meets for each of our classrooms, along with an open Google Meets from 9:30-3:00 Monday through Thursday that allows children to "drop in" to work with their teachers. The small classroom sizes will allow for classmates to socialize and complete their work together online, while working directly with their assigned teacher.

In the Fall and Spring, your child will get to participate in the Stanford 10 Online test (SAT 10); a nationally normed, standardized achievement test.

Another added bonus for this program is that we utilize Homeschool Minder; an online management software that allows students/families to sign in and check current scores/grades. This program will allow us to send report cards home 3 times a year, and provide your family all the documentation required by the State of Washington to qualify as a homeschooled child.

We also have opportunities for on-site learning!

See Students & Families page for a sample lessons for each grade level and Forms and Registration page for pricing.

Availability of programs is limited, and enrollment will be contingent upon the date of registration receipt and payment of registration fees

Tutoring - We offer 1-on-1 or group sessions in 1/2 hour and hour pricing rates. We can cover any grade-level content K-8 and are here to help your child grow!

We are all about our community!

Call or email for additional program information and availability! If you have any questions about our school, programs or would like to donate, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Elizabeth & Justin Bento

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