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Sample Day of Work ~ Kindergarten

K Week 5 _ Monday Sample Curriculum.pdf

Sample Day of Work ~ 1st Grade

1 Week 5 _ Wednesday Sample Curriculum.pdf

Sample Day of Work ~ 2nd Grade

2 Week 6 _ Wednesday ~ 2nd Grade sample work.pdf

Sample Day of Work ~ 3rd Grade

3 Week 5 _ Thursday Sample Curriculum.pdf

Sample Day of Work ~ 4th Grade

4th Grade Sample.pdf

Sample Day of Work ~ 5th Grade

5 Week 4 _ Wednesday Sample Curriculum.pdf

Sample Day of Work ~ 6th Grade

6 Week 2 _ Tuesday Sample Curriculm.pdf

Sample Day of Work ~ Middle School

Sample 7th Grade.pdf

Work is designed to be completed synchronously with the teacher and class, or independently on a schedule that works better for your family.

Washington State Homeschool Requirements


In WA state, families must file a declaration of intent on your child’s eighth birthday, or the date you withdraw them from public school. From there on out, each year your family will file a declaration of intent before September 15th, or at least two weeks before the fall classes start. Click below for the letter of intent.


In Washington state, the required subjects are:

  • reading

  • writing

  • spelling

  • language

  • math

  • science

  • social studies

  • history

  • health

  • occupational education

  • art

  • music appreciation

EJ Farm & Education's Hybrid Homeschool program (curriculum) is designed to cover all of the subjects above for each grade level Kinder through 8. Each grade-level has their own grade-level content assigned in their Google Classroom. The content is developmentally appropriate as well as standards-based. Students are also able to work above their grade level if appropriate.


Homeschooled children are required to be in school for 180 days a year, or an average of 1,040 hours.

Keeping records is required by law, even though they don't have to be submitted annually. At EJ Farm & Education, we use Homeschool Minder to track days, hours and grades for all our families (this is part of what your monthly tuition pays for). All families will receive a login for their children and we will send home 3 progress report cards per year.


In WA state, families are required to have their child annually assessed (after age 8). We will have our students assessed using the Stanford 10 Online (SAT 10) or IOWA at no cost to our families (the assessment fees are included in the monthly tuition).